Uzumaki is a 24 year-old visual artist. Through her art, she communicates a message of human vulnerability. Uzumaki isn’t just creating art for the sake of it; she is building spaces that offer her (and others) healing and security. And you are invited.

The Dominican visionary uses faux fur to conjure magical havens that celebrate her people, her childhood, her memories, and the various obstacles she has had to conquer. Uzumaki is a visual storyteller, she showcases the flamboyant color palette of the world she grew up in. A brilliant world that juxtaposes the innocence of childhood against the loud colors of acrylic nails flashing before your eyes - Uzumaki interpolates these details throughout her visuals. Adding texture and breathing new life into the most mundane objects is where Uzumaki’s magic lies. For Uzumaki, part of digesting her magic requires one to tap into their inner child - one faux fur piece at a time. 



Photo by Yazid

Photo by Yazid